11 January, 2007

Damn you Personal Trainer

She taught me how to do the "arms" machines today. Now I am weak like a kitten...a starving kitten...a starving kitten with fleas. Weak like that. I could barely carry my gym bag back to the car. I'm only typing because I can rest my arms on the desk. Seriously, working out is hard. Boo working out.

Also I have to spend my casual Friday in business attire tomorrow. Boo business clothes. Luckily they are giving us Thursday and Friday next week to be casual, because I really do work for the best office ever.

And Michael bought 3 and a half chainsaws this afternoon. The 1/2 because one of them is in parts. I'm not asking questions, nor passing judgement. He had to do something manly after shaving off the beard.

Also I am totally addicted to tiramisu from Target. The Archer Farms brand frozen tiramisu, it's wonderful. I've eaten 3/4's of one since yesterday. Many people are supposed to be able to enjoy one of these. The last time I bought one I ate the whole think pretty much in one serving. I swear it is laced with yummy, yummy crack. That is the only explanation.

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