21 January, 2007

I have a thing.

A gross ball of grossness lodged in my throat. It started out in my sinus, and I believe it is now in my lungs. This morning it was over my vocal chords so I sounded like a man. A man with a 2 pack a day habit. Luckily it's a little better now. But due to this grossness I had to:
1) Cancel my day out with Tricia. I had been looking forward to that day trip all week!
2) Stay inside while Michael and Tallulah played in the snow. They made TWO snowmen (That was mainly Michael) and pounced on snowballs (mainly Tallulah) and just had a good time.
3) Finally get knitting on Alexa legwarmers. I think they are too narrow. I might have to be creative when sewing them together.
4) Take the time to post long awaited photos. Enjoy!

The KITCHEN!!! Well, just the new cart and the some of the postcards we have hung all about the kitchen. The new storage is great and already full!

The beginnings of legwarmers for Alexa.

A cute puppy in the snow!


Daph said...

Oh, so sorry about the grossness. I hope you feel better soon!

Love the photos. Framing the postcards is such a good idea, I really like the way they look! :)

Alexa said...

If by "be creative", you mean "sew two of those together," then yeah, that'll work. :-P

Yay! They're awesome! Love you (and not just because you knit for me)!!!!