22 January, 2007


For the past few days I've had a bit of a craving for Rosemary. I wanted the pine-y slightly medicinally taste that screams "We're cleaning you out" to me. So tonight I succumb to the craving by making the following dinner:

Chicken marinaded in mixture of Balsamic, Honey Dijon, Brown Sugar and ROSEMARY
Steamed baby red potatoes in butter and ROSEMARY
Spinach salad
and to top it off a slice of ROSEMARY and onion focaccia bread

When I was dishing things out I thought "Hmm, this might be a bit of Rosemary overkill", but it turns out that it was just right. Craving solved.

When we get the garden going this year I am definitely planting some Rosemary.

In other news we had some lights installed outside the house so everything is nice and well lit now.

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