14 January, 2007


Michael has a sore throat and it blowing his nose non-stop. I just have lots of sinus pressure and we are both very tired. Needless to say this has been a less then productive weekend. Luckily we are buried in ice over here so we haven't tried to do anything but bum around the house.
I have been knitting Alexa's legwarmers as well as teaching myself how to knit continental style. I think English style has a prettier final project but Continental is way faster. I'm making some dish cloths to practice.
There has also been a lot of baking going on. Apple Muffins on Saturday and Banana-Oatmeal cookies today. They taste like mini banana breads.
Michael has been working on a flash animation project which is looking pretty cool.
We could both really use an another day this weekend.


Alexa said...


Daph said...

Mmmm, banana oatmeal cookies. Sounds so good!

I'm sorry to hear that you're both feeling under-the-weather. I think it's that time of year. Hope you get some rest, though, and feel better soon!