02 January, 2007

Sweating like an Oldie

Today was my first day of Flex-Time at work. 8:00am to 4:30 pm with a half hour lunch. At 4:37 I was out of the office and by 4:45 I was at the gym. The place was packed. I thought I would miss the after work rush by getting in before 5:00, but it was still crowded. I managed to find an elliptical machine where I did 30min while watching trashy MTV shows. I am so super sweaty and really tired.
Tomorrow- ARMS
My goal is to be able to open jars when Michael isn't home.
Mom, you remember the time when I couldn't open the jar of fruit? That still happens, but hopefully not for long.

Them: Morgan, what is your fitness goal?
Me: Uh, to be able to make dinner when my husband isn't home.

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