25 January, 2007

Where's Tallulah?!

When I walked in the door this afternoon Tallulah was not there to greet me.
When I went through the living room (where she spends her days) the couch was empty.

Horrible toughts were playing through my head.

Our dog dead on the floor having choaked on a peice of chew toy that says indestructable on the lable, but we all know she can eat trough.

Tallulah stolen along with our computer.

Bad, horrible things.

Turns out that she was trapped in our bedroom all day. Trapped because the door was only PART WAY OPEN and not all the way open. Tallulah refuses to move the door or even atempt to go through a space that seems too small. Seriously. The door was open wide enought for her to walk through without any trouble at all. It is all in her head!
So when I went to the bedroom she was just standing there in the doorway. Looking at me as if to say "Would you mind opening this just a little wider, I don't like to take chances."

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Daph said...

LOL, that's too funny! BTW, I love the name Tallulah. So cute!