31 May, 2007

knocked up

We went to see Knocked Up tonight. It made me laugh, cringe and feel really good about not having babies for a while. Seriously, birth does not look like fun.

The two office babies came to visit today. Baby #1 is finally filling out, opening her eyes and not freaking me out so much. Baby #2 was still all tiny and curled up. Little babies scare me. I don't like to hold them, I only like to pet there sweet little arms and cheeks. Baby #1's 2 year old brother came along too. That an age I can get behind. At 2 they are little people. They can tell you what they want, they play, you don't have to worry about breaking them. We played, I hung him upside down and did big jumps with him. I realize that 2 year olds run around and are demanding and that little babies really just lay there, but at this point in my life I'll take a 2 year old over a 2 month old any day.

Clearly, I'm not ready for a baby quite yet.

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