15 May, 2007

Some days (make that weekends) I should just stay in bed.

So Saturday I hit Michael in the head with a tennis ball.
Sunday I blew a fuse burned him in the arm with an iron.

No, no - not like that.

Sunday night I decided to iron my shirt for Monday morning, instead of doing a rush job in the morning - which is my usual routine. Every morning I iron, the ironing board is on my dresser for easy use. Well in the morning the only thing running is the iron - not so at night. The computer was running and three lights were on. So we blew the fuse. Clearly we can have lights or ironed clothes - not both.

Michael was running around trying to unplug everything before heading to the circuit breaker when he moved the dresser and the iron (which apparently had time to heat up before blowing the fuse) fell on his arm. It wasn't that hot, but still it's not a good thing and added to the general grumpy attitude that comes when the lights go out.

Everything is now back up and running, although I have been asked to move the iron to a different room.

It was a very dangerous weekend for Michael - let's hope he fares better this week.

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Katie said...

hey - I wanted to comment on the bad dogs post - but I didn't see a place for comments. Im not sure about MO laws - but in IL if a dog bites a person, it should be reported to animal control whether or not the skin is broken. There are ramifications for the owner and the dog if subsequent bites happen and are reported - in IL its a 3 strikes rule. It is very likely that this dog has bit others before and it is the responsibility of the owner to prevent that from happening. You, dogs, and kids should not be barred from a public area bc this owner can't/won't control their dogs.