10 June, 2007

2 years

Today marks the two year anniversary of our living in this house. To celebrate we cleaned mini-blinds, installed fresh, new toilet seats and most importantly set up the new bed! (side note - the new mattress and box springs are 10 to 12 inches taller than our previous set. I have to jump into bed and may opt for a step stool.) Here's to sleeping in comfort.
Due to the cleaning and the mowing of our neighbors lawn while our attic fan was on, both Michael and I are one big sinus. He keeps sneezing while I seem to be accumulating all the snot in the world - here's hoping my head doesn't explode. Needless to say we have been spending lots of time in our new bed.
I did have a revival of energy while watching the Tony's. I love theatre. I never want to DO theatre again, but I love to watch it. Just watching clips of Spring Awakening, Mary Poppins and Company had me dreaming of going to New York and FINALLY seeing a show. It's heart breaking that I've been there 3 times and have never managed to see a show. That will just have to change. Yea Tony's - you sparked something in me once again.
Now it time to try to sleep in the new bed.

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