08 August, 2007

Just a Wednesday

Eating: Chicken Tacos with Avocado
Listening: Radio Lab "Beyond Time"
Talking: To my brother (come hang out some time)
Wishing: For the drive to finish my many projects

Note the many things on my desk. The quilt, the pieces for the Bitty Booties, the beginnings of a collar for Tallulah from the new book Bend the Rules Sewing.

Reading: The Subtle Knife
Enjoying: The Air Conditioning
Feeling: Frustrated the Apple Mighty Mouse doesn't work well when your index finger is in a band-aid.
Realizing: That Michael taking up model making has tipped the scales. So between my knitting and his modeling we are officially an 80 year old couple in the bodies of 20 somethings.
Questioning: Male Camel Toe - Seriously, its not a good look on women - its worse on a man. Now I hate the baggy pant look. You know the one - when the guy can only use one hand for any task because the other is being used to hold up his drawers and we are all being flashed his boxers anyway. It's not a good look people! But possibly worse than that are pants that are too tight. I shouldn't be able to see which side you "dress".
Men of the world, I beg you, for all of our sakes - wear appropriately sized pants!

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