25 November, 2007

Another weekend over

And I managed to procrastinate my way out cleaning the guest room. It is the one room in the house which I hate to clean - and the room that looks the best once I break down and do it. The problem with the quest room is it has become the room where I dump everything that I don't want in the rest of the house. Don't know what to do with the electric blanket that we don't need since we added the electric mattress pad? Toss it in the guest room. What about the teapot that we don't use? Guest room. All of our clothes before they are iorned and hung up? That's what the guest room bed is for of course!
I will have to clean it up soon - with the holidays coming we may actually have a guest and they will need to be able to find the bed.

The rest of the house looks great though. I borrowed my parent's Dyson and let me tell you that thing works. I am disgusted by how well it works. Tallulah, I love you but we were sold a false bill of goods. "Non-shedding" dog my Aunt Fanny. It's a good thing she is so cute.

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