09 November, 2007


Today is my day off and while I promised to do the many loads of laundry that are living in our bedroom I slept the first half of the day away. I remember Michael leaving at 7:30am and then the next thing I know it is 10:20am. It was so nice to sleep in.
Only problem is I have 3 less hours to do all the things I had hoped to do today.

Yeah, so I have only done 1/2 load of laundry (in the wash, but not yet the dryer) and make the bed. I did run out and pick up some fabric and spices. I also tried to cook one of the pumpkins from our front porch (dismal). The real triumph is that I am nearly finished with a really cute baby quilt. The binding is all that is left. Photos as soon as it is finished.

Now I'm off to finish that load of laundry.

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