13 April, 2008

Smelly Dog

Tallulah stinks. She's been running through puddles and smells like fish.
It is gross. But she will be groomed on Thursday so it seems like a waste of time and effort to give her a bath.
I did just apply some new Natural Defense Flea and Tick treatment and it is quite fragment. It is Spice scented and whoa, is it spicy. So earlier she smelled like fish and now she smells like holiday spice cake. I'll take the cake!

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Tricia said...

The flea & tick stuff we use smells like baby powder to the millionth power, so Brodie smells like he ate a baby. I usually try to schedule it so he gets a bath a few days after application, but this time it didn't help and he's been smelling like he ate a baby for over 3 weeks! Blerg!