15 May, 2008

Once a week vegetarian meal

Even though I cannot eat soy – the main source of protein for vegetarians – we are going to make a point to meat at least one meatless meal a week. Really it shouldn’t be too hard. With cookbooks like Vegan Express and my CSA veggies at my fingertips this should be a breeze. I’m looking forward to quinoa with cranberries and almonds and a big salad with the lettuces growing in my garden.

The garden is looking great by the way. Even my tomatoes that were looking pretty sad at first seem to have rebounded and the peppers are growing like crazy. The cilantro and thyme are growing like weeds, while the mint and basil are still looking a little wimpy, but I have hope for them yet. The chard is amazing – even if we never eat it their bright stalks add a punch of color to garden. The squash is growing well, but the cucumber had an unfortunate brush with the neighbors’ edger – all the leaves were wacked off and I don’t think it is going to make it. So I need to find an extra cucumber plant somewhere. Oh, I almost forgot…we also have tiny carrots sprouting up. They are the tiniest little seedlings right now – but they will be very yummy later.

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