09 May, 2008

Rainy day

Yesterday I put in the paperwork to take today off. It had been a long week and we have a very full weekend planned so I knew that nothing was going to get done around the house so I took the day off to get things done. I was hoping that is in addition to gettign things done I could work in the garden or sit out on the patio and knit. But the weather is against me. It is cold and rainy and all plans for sitting outside have been shot. I guess this means I really will have to get some work done. Here is the list:
  • Hang Photos that have been sitting in frames with the hammer, nails and level next to them for the better part of 6 months. Seriously - 6 months. Though it was only in the last month that they moved from the guest room to the room where we plan to hang them.
    • Photos hung! The one on the left is one of my favorite wedding pictures, the top right is me and my brother and bottom right is Michael and his brother and sister. We are all very cute. David is surprisingly blond in the picture which throws me every time.

  • Clean Hall Bathroom. I cleaned the Master Bath last week, but the hall bath could use a scrubbing.
    • Bathroom Scrubbed! I love my bathroom floors. The grey and yellow tile just makes me smile. And after a good scrub they look even better. I have decided that we need a shower curtain liner - no amount of scrubbing will save this one. I've been using seventh generation free and clear all-purpose cleaner - some say clean smells like lemons or pine, but to me you shouldn't be able to smell clean, so I love this product.

  • Sweep Floors. I love having wood floors, but you can tell when they are dirty and they are dirty all the time. I sweep at least once a week and it still always looks like a fur ball exploded and with all the ins and outs from the yard there are little peices of grass that just have to go.
    • Floors Swept. And once again I am shocked and appalled by the amount of dust and dirt that is tracked into our home over the course of a week.
  • Vacuum. Only two rooms have carpet but there is Tallulah hair everywhere. I'm telling you Goldendoodles shed. They may be sweet and wonderful, but they shed - don't let anyone tell you they don't - they are lying.
    • Carpet Vacuumed. So much dog hair over so little floor.
  • Put Clothes Away. We have 2 baskets of clean laundry just sitting in our bedroom. But to put these clothes away I need to pack-up my winter clothes. Something I'm having trouble finding the motivation to do.
  • Finish Baby Wrap Dress. All the knitting is done, yippee! All that is left to do is sew on the ribbons, block it and add some optional embroidery. I might skip the embroidery.
    • Dress Finished! It looks so cute. I can't wait to see it on a baby instead of just a ruler. Now I just have to decide which baby shall wear it. There are so many out there right now.

  • Sew Up The Test Bag. I fear I have lost all steam for this project. I really hate making muslins and this was definitely that. But I need to finish it up before I move on to making the real one so I can make sure that I like the size and strap width and length.
  • Pay Bills. Technically this is already finished. I just need to track down a few stamps.
  • Run My Outside of the House Errands: I'm going to map this out to take the most energy efficient route. Something I never do - I'm a backtracker.
    • Turn in my CSA Application at the Hen House. $25.00 a week = 2 bags of farm fresh fruits, veggies, milk and meat. You never know what you'll get - but it will always be what is in season and what is locally grown. The trade off for this is that I have promised to stay away from the Farmer's Market this summer. I think it will be a fun experiment in "cooking with what you've got". I'll also get a cook book when I sign up so that will help.
    • Swing by Prydes of Old Westport. They seem to be the only place that carries non-plastic food storage containers. I'm on the run from BPA. Before we even think about bringing a baby into this house (and we are not even going to think about doing that for at least another 4 months) it will be as BPA free as I can make it. Luckily we don't have too much plastic to begin with - but what we do have we will be saying "farvel" (that's good-bye in Danish).
    • Visit Michaels or JoAnns for another skein of yarn. I'm making a caplet for myself and I'm short about a 1/2 skein. Sigh.
    • Pick up Milk. I can alway tell when Matt's been swinging by the house - we go though milk much faster than normal. That and the big bowls are in the sink - the bowls that Michael and I never use because they are too big.
    • Errands Run. Mattie joined me. At Prydes I picked up gifts for the three weddings I'll be attending at the end of the month and one small BPA free container. Then we went to the Hen House to sign up for the CSA. I like the CSA program but a HATE the Hen House. It is dark, the people are mean (seriously everyone who works there is unpleasant. At the Hy-Vee everyone is nice. They've even run to the back of the store to get cream cheese for me and did it willingly and with a smile.) and it is expensive. I'll just be running to the market section on Saturdays and getting the heck out. Plus the cookbook that came with the membership is the "Cattlemen's Guide to Healthy Beef". Seriously. Beef? I need to know how to cook the million veggies that will be coming our way this summer - not beef. Also - I didn't find the yarn..boo.

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