16 July, 2008

Dinner - As promised

Dear Alexa-
Tonight I roasted half of a local raised chicken from the CSA. I coated it with olive oil and lemon pepper from Penzeys Spices. The mashed potatoes were baby reds, also from the CSA, spiced up with a healthy dash of French Onion Dip and some garlic powder. Finally we had some flash cooked green beans. Strangely enough the green beans are frozen and from Aldi, but they really are the best green beans I've found. They are the super thin type that I love.

A leg and thigh for me and the breast for Michael.
I could make a joke about him being a breast man,
but really he just doesn't like to eat meat off of the bone.
Something that seems crazy to me.

Also this week I've been eating tons of watermelon.
Check out the giant hunk I ate for breakfast on Sunday.

Well that is "what the Perry's are eating tonight". Not really exciting, but yummy. I have no real plans for tomorrow. Maybe a quiche. I have some bacon and spinach that I need to use up and once again we have more eggs than I know what to do with.

Hope you are having a great day!


tonkelu said...

Last night I made super easy, super yummy and egg necessary (two of 'em) mu shu. Feeling especially froggy, I also made the Tonklings some egg drop soup (two more eggs). Let me know if you want the recipe.

Oh, love the pictures of you chowing down. Too funny. That said, I agree with Mike. I just don't *get* eating meat (unless it's ribs) off the bone and much prefer a chicken breast to anything else.

Alexa said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! And don't think that having pictures of ONE MEAL will shut me up. I had a tortilla with hummus and lettuce in it for dinner last night. I need to constantly be reminded about what real food looks like.