01 July, 2008

Fruit Salad Days

Yesterday I was craving fruit salad. I neeeeded fruit salad so I ran to the store picked up some fruit and made some salad. My yummy and craving satisfying fruit salad recipe (If you can call it that) is below.
1 handful local blueberries
1/2 a pint of raspberries (which were on sale so I bought 3 pints - I'll freeze the rest)
8 strawberries hulled and diced
1 kiwi fruit skin removed and diced
1 golden delicious apple, skin removed and diced
1 slightly under-ripe banana, peeled and diced
mix together in bowl and drizzle with a little lime juice and honey and mix again
It makes a bright, fresh and yummy fruit salad, perfect for 4th of July weekend. Of course we've eaten it all already so I'll have to make a new batch.

1 comment:

Alexa said...

I love that you don't put oranges in your fruit salad. I HATE oranges in fruit salad!