15 July, 2008

I'm sewing again

Last week I sewed up three stuffed giraffes for friends and their babies. Attempt two was by far the best, but I didn't take a photo of it. Attempt one looks like a dinosaur and attempt three is still unfinished. I've also tried to make and elephant with abysmal results.
But now I am making a dress. I've cut it out of light pink fabric that I have in multitudes - an entire bolt - so it doesn't matter if I mess it up. I need to go out and find some brown fabric for the contrast part. It's simple and possibly not very flattering dress, but the pattern was only .99 at Hancock's and it gives me a place to start. I'm hoping to continue working on it this week and have it ready to wear this weekend. I'm making option C - the one shown on the model in purple. What is up with the one shouldered option? Seriously - It just looks lazy.

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