05 July, 2008

Clean Freak

I like to think that we keep a clean kitchen. We don't leave plates crusted with food out, things are generally neat, but then we found traces of a mouse and all ideas about cleanliness flew out the window.

Now I know that there is a large field across from our house and the house two doors down was vacant for a while but is now inhabited, which could have cause that a little mouse to take up residence in our place of residence. But I don't like it.

So today we scrubbed the kitchen. We put new shelf paper down, and we gave EVERYTHING a good cleaning - including moving the really old, really heavy microwave and cleaning underneath it. So right now the kitchen looks wonderful - sparkly and fresh. It looks so good in there that I really want to cook something, but I've got baking soda cleaning the oven right now so I can't use it until tomorrow.

The rest of the house has been given the once over too. We picked up some Method toilet bowl cleaner (Lil' Bowl Blu) that worked great and didn't smell overly strong and toxic like Lysol (I refuse to use the Lysol).

Now we just need to find a new kitchen trash can. I would like this one, but our Target didn't carry it so we may have to order it.


tonkelu said...

We got our stainless steel trash can at Sam's club for around $50. I'm pretty sure they still have one. Since I owe you for enduring my children for several hours, I would happily take you there to get one. And, yes, your kitchen looked sparkly and lovely. Alas, mine does not.

Little M said...

Thanks, sadly it took mouse poop to really get things going on the cleaning the kitchen front. And I don't think you want that kind of motivation :)

We actually plan to head out to the Target on Metcalf after dropping Tallulah off to be groomed (She is super gross right now), but if that doesn't work I may take you up on the offer.