30 July, 2008

Not a Good Day for the Garden

It appears that my zucchini plant is rotten. So rotten that even though there are leaves and blossoms and a wee zucchini the stem has separated about 8 inches from the ground. We are talking decapitation. And now ants are having a hey day eating it. So no zucchini this year. The yellow squash on the other hand has over grown into the yard. Also, my tomatoes never seem to ripen. I've had lovely unripe fruit on the vine for weeks but not a blush of color. Even the green ones haven't reached their correct shade and firmness. An to top that off all my pepper are still green too and they are supposed to be orange and red.

Where have all the colors gone?!
When will I be able to eat the things I've been growing?
Aside from creating some lovely foliage is this garden a complete failure?

And I saw a slug. Sigh.

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Tricia said...

it took FOREVER for my peppers to turn the right color (most still haven't), but we did eat one of the orange mini bells tonight and it was great. be patient and keep pampering them! my 'maters are still green - only the cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen.