29 September, 2008

Street Fight!

The other night I went to bed early, as I've been very tired lately, when I was woken up by the sound of angry voices. It turns out the my side-yard seemed to be the perfect place for two random people to have a late-night argument. I really only heard her side so it might be classified as a rant rather than a fight. She was yelling at her husband for several things - here's what I picked up:
1) Doing drugs. While they have a baby in the house.
2) Owning a gun. Which I think is gone now, since I also picked up that he got caught with a gun and is currently on parole.
3) Not caring about her feelings and the well-being of her baby.

Really I think that she has some valid points, but 10:45pm in front of a strangers house is probably not the best time/place to go through it all.

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