05 October, 2008


We headed out to Westin with a few friends this weekend for Applefest. It was a fun day in a charming little town but it did leave me with a few questions:
  • Where were all the apples? There was one vendor selling apple dumpling and that was it for apples. I expected cider and candy apples on sticks and carmel apples, etc. Instead it was mainly craft vendors who sold things I did not need.
  • Why and how do people poop in portable toilets. I have trouble peeing in them. But since I'm pregnant and so is the friend I went with we had to use the port-a-pot quite frequently. And there was ALWAYS a big poop in there. Who has to go that badly? And if you do - toss some extra toilet paper over it so everyone doesn't have to check out your leavings.
  • Could I really live in a small town? I think the answer is no, but every time I visit I think it would be great to live there.
Oh, to suppliment the lack of apples at "apple"fest I picked up a bottle of Simply Apple at the grocery store. It is quite possibly the best apple juice - EVER.

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