04 November, 2008

Hey, go vote today

You've got until 7:00pm.

Honestly, I don't care you vote for. Or what ballot initiatives (although I have my doubts about light rail right now and at the last election I was a big supporter.)
Just vote. It's one easy thing you can do that will make a difference in our communities.

And after it's all over, and all the ballots counted - please be nice to one another. No matter what we will make it through, as long as we remain civil.


And all you people that don't have to work - don't go voting over the lunch hour or right at 5:00. Leave that time for someone else. Go vote at 2:00pm.

Also, don't go grocery shopping at 5:30pm either. You really slow me down old people, at 5:30 I've got 20 min to run in after work, get dinner and get home. You've had all day to cruise the lanes in your walker!

Sorry, I've been holding that in for a while now.

1 comment:

Tricia said...

Amen. Old people make me crazy.