10 January, 2010

A midwinter cleanout

Yesterday in the spirit of "less things" we started going through our cabinets and making a garage sale pile. Yes, I realize it is below freezing and the streets are covered with snow, but I like to start early. In cleaning out the kitchen alone we amassed a HUGE pile of things to pass on to others. I just don't need these things anymore and I want them out of my house and life.

I think it will take us all winter to properly purge the house of all the unnecessary extras. I'm really looking forward making room in our house for more life and less stuff.

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adam said...

IMHO its a Perfect time to be doing this! New Year = a real desire for change, and the easier part of change is destruction, not creation. Of course the point of it as you said is the idea of purging rather than acquiring, and the feeling of a weight being lifted b/c of it.
And its winter, so more time indoors, because once it's garage sale weather, there is no time to rummage through the house! So kudo's to you.