24 April, 2010

How We Did: 4/17/10 - 4/23/10

Lunch: Pizza -Yep.
Dinner: Grilled Cheese Burgers, Chips and Corn - Yep, the burgers were yummy!

Lunch: Sandwiches, Apple Slices and Tortilla Chips -Yes! We actually had a picnic at the zoo. Yummy sandwiches with carrots, lettuce, ham, turkey and cheese.
Dinner: Brats and Mac and Cheese with Broccoli - The broccoli at least made it feel more healthy...

Lunch: Brats - yep.
Dinner: Meatloaf Patties and Veggie Pancakes - The veggie cakes were a great big FAIL! But the meatloaf patties were great.

Lunch: Ham and Turkey Sandwich - Michael had a sandwich and I had leftover meatloaf. Yum!
Dinner: Grilled Chicken Salad - It was great with, grilled chicken, hard boiled egg, almonds and Havarti cheese

Lunch: Ham and Turkey Sandwich - Yup.
Dinner: Pasta and Meatballs - I just made meat sauce, not meatballs. I added carrots, onions and parsley to the sauce.

Lunch: Pasta - Yep.
Dinner: Ham and Broccoli Roll-up, Salad - I ended up doing a chicken and broccoli roll-up with swiss instead. It was really good. Michael had a frozen pizza...

Lunch: Roll-up - Pasta and Meat Sauce
Dinner: Very Veggie Calzone - We ended up doing McDonalds on our way to a play. Dinner Fail!

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