07 January, 2012

Meal Plans: Week 2

I've decided to just come up with a list of meals for the week and not assign days to them. 8 meals - the week's dinners plus lunch on Sunday.

  1. Chicken enchiladas and couscous
  2. Potato Soup, leftover BBQ sandwiches
  3. Pasta and meatballs with salad and toast
  4. Slow cooker roast with bulgar wheat and dried fruit
  5. Sloppy Joes, kale and sweet potato salad
  6. Grilled Chicken over salad
  7. Homemade pizza and salad
  8. Baked Salmon, salad, steamed kale and couscous
Lots of salad this week.  I'm craving the leafy greens!

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