06 January, 2012

Why I don't coupon more

Last year I was a couponer.  I got the Sunday paper, cut things out, watched the sales, I even had a binder complete with Velcroed on calculator.  It was intense.  I thought I would be saving us tons of money, but the truth was it didn't.  Not for us anyway.  I was spending more and yes, buying more - but it wasn't stuff we really needed. Plus we were eating tons of processed foods and just a lot of junk that I knew we shouldn't be eating but since it was such a "good deal" I let it slide. Looking back it was NOT a "good deal" at all in terms of taking care of my family.
So I no longer worry about coupons.  Yes, I still have an envelope of them in my purse in case I see a really good deal on something we already use.  Sometimes I leave coupons in the store for other people to use.  But for my family, we get a better value without coupons.

Note: The bad for us hot dogs and tater tots we ate last night came from my freezer and couponing days.

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