16 February, 2013

Psuedo Primal Meal Plan #2

They're Back!  MEAL PLANS!  Let's see how far we can go this year?
3 weeks?

Anyway we've moved to a whole food/primal (paleo but with dairy) diet.  We have drastically cut our sugar and carbs and after just a week of it I already feel much better.  So here is our meal plan for this upcoming week.  I think it sounds delish!  I do leave some room for a few carbs - because being too strict with a diet will likely equal failure.  So here goes:

(Breakfast is almost always plain oatmeal with a tbs of Pure Maple Syrup for the kids and oatmeal or an egg for me.)

Saturday Lunch: Going Out Lunch (our once a week treat)
Saturday Dinner:  Salmon Patties, Salad and Apple Slices

Sunday Lunch: Ham and Egg Crepes**
Sunday Dinner: Tuscan Chicken, Asparagus Soup, Salad

Monday Lunch: Chicken Quesadillas
Monday Dinner: Beef Tostadas*, Avocado Salad

Tuesday Lunch: Ham and Crepe Roll-ups, Yogurt (A) or Applesauce (G), Dried Fruit (Lunch Box)
Tuesday Dinner: Slow-cooker Pork, Old Bay Roasted Potatoes, Salad

Wednesday Lunch: Quinona Cakes and Fruit
Wednesday Dinner: Chili-Lime Chicken, Bacon Potato Salad

Thursday Lunch: Elbow Veggie Noodles with Pesto, Hard-boild Egg & Yogurt (A) or Diced Ham & Applesauce (G), Dried Fruit (Lunch Box)
Thursday Dinner: Cheese Ravioli with Apples and Almonds, Salad

Friday Lunch: Leftovers!
Friday Dinner: Cottage Pie, Salad

*Whole Wheat Tortillas
**Homemade Crepes with Whole Wheat Flour

I realize that there are grains in this weeks meal plan, but very limited and drastically cut from our previous heavy-carb diet.

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