31 December, 2006

Products I Love: Timex Clock Radio

I thought I would start a new blog section called "Products I Love". These will be things I think are really cool/handy/just generally nice to have around. Here to start things off is the:
Timex MP3 Line-In Dual Alarm Clock

I really like this clock. You can change the color of the LED screen and you can dim it so it isn't so glaringly bright at night. The sound quality is nice, the alarm is easy to set with the bonus of being able to set the alarm to go off 7 days a week, 5 days or just 2 days a week. It shows the date and day of the week on the screen which I find very helpful. The best part is the you can connect your ipod to it to use as a speaker. The only downside to that is that you cannot use the ipod as the alarm and you have to be sure to switch the setting back from AUX to FM in order for the alarm to wake you in the morning.
I bought one on Thursday for myself, on Friday I picked one up for Michael (so we have matcing clocks) and on Saturday I ran out and got one for our friend Scott. If you've got a birthday coming up I might be getting one for you too.

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