30 December, 2006

Out of Shape

There once was a time, many, oh so many years ago, when I was in "good" physical condition. I've always been kind of a wimp but about 5 years ago I was swimming regularly with Alexa. Towards the end of our nightly swimming I could go 40 min solid. Clearly those days are gone.

Today Michael and I looked into joining a gym. We visited the YMCA and a 24 Hour Fitness in the area. We've decided to go with the 24HF. So tonight I went, using my trial pass. I suited up in my super UN-sexy brown tank suit, hopped in the pool and away I went. On lap two I was winded. Lap TWO. I pushed myself to do 5 laps (one lap = down & back), I'm a fast swimmer even when I'm completely out of shape so instead of 40 min of swimming I put in a whopping 8-10. Then I sat in the hot tub for another 5 min. It took me longer to take a shower and get dressed than it took for me to "work out". Clearly I need the gym. And I'm looking forward to working out this year. Hopefully I'll be doing 40 min again soon.

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