08 January, 2007

Boring Info, Boring Info, Etc., Etc.

Yes, I know that I promised pictures of our super cool kitchen but I just haven’t gotten around to downloading them from the camera. I will do it though.

Speaking of pictures Michael is picking up 2 disks of our wedding photos tonight. There are 215 pictures deemed good enough to keep. We will be getting 1 4x6 of each of them and then ordering additional pictures from there. I’m excited to see them again and re-live the wedding excitement, especially since I finally cleaned the guest room – which had been serving as a daily reminder of the craziness. Did we really need to save EVERY bag that contained a wedding gift? No! Why did we save them for the past 2 months? I have no idea. The bags are gone, the piles of tea lights have been boxed up and put away, the floor is now visible and so is the bed. It’s amazing!

The house looks like it did before the engagement, back when I had time to do things like sweep under the sofa and dust the top of the TV cabinet. I really like the house better when it is clean, it feels bigger than it really is, and now that we have re-claimed the guest room it really is that much bigger. I still have to tackle the office and the top of my dresser (which serves both as a closet and a dirty clothes hamper), but I think I can get at lest one of those things done tonight.

Tonight is also my first Personal Training session. This is exciting! What I really need is someone to tell me how to use the machines correctly, what my body can handle and how to improve my overall strength and health. I met my trainer last week, her name is Katie and she seems really nice and not all fake blond and super perky which the majority of trainers at this location are. Wish me luck!

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