09 January, 2007

Sleep Deprived

or why I am going to let other people have the babies

Last night Michael and I were asleep by 11:00 which is a respectable hour and allows me get up early enough to be on time to work (which was my New Year's Resolution). All seemed well until about 3:00am when Tallulah decided that she was done with the sleeping and started running around the bedroom and jumping up on the bed trying to get us to play. I do not play at THREE – A – M!!! I got out of bed, opened the door to so she could play around in the rest of the house. She did not want this. Eventually Michael got up, took her outside, came back in and wouldn’t let her back in our bedroom. Normally I’m all soft hearted about this, but she was jumping on top of me at 3am. At that point the dog sleeps in the hall!

This morning when I opened the bedroom door Tallulah was right outside it looking sweet, as if to say “Clearly mistakes were made last night, but let’s look past that and snuggle up for a good nap.” If only I could Tallulah, if only I could.

And all this after I spent the evening in a meeting about getting an official dog park in our neighborhood!

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