11 February, 2007

Cooking with Morgan

Today was a cooking day.
Last night I sat down with cookbooks in hand and wrote out a meal list for this week. Then after mass Michael and I headed out to the Hy-Vee to pick up all the ingredients. Then I really got to work.

So far I have made:
  • 3 mini lasagnas - each one serves two.
  • 12 mini meatloaves - 4 BBQ, 8 Italian - two loaves per serving.
  • A chicken pot-pie from scratch. Making my own stock, chopping all the veggies and making the pie crust.
  • A batch of Cranberry Scones with orange glaze. (super yummy, I've eaten two already)
  • I've also set aside some chicken to make enchiladas with later in the week.
So this should be an easy week for making dinners as everything is frozen and ready to go. Yea! Deep Freeze!

1 comment:

Alexa said...

Wow. Your day and my day were totally different. Please send me some food. I beg of you. :-)