04 February, 2007

The house smells like earth, rich and loamy

We decided that this year instead of buying chintzy valentine's bears or only okay candy we would buy house plants. We needed some greenery and I like the idea of having extra oxygen production in the house. So today we celebrated early by running out and picking out some plants while everyone else was busy watching the Super Bowl. I have never seen the Home Depot so empty.
Then we had our Valentine's Day dinner in a blissfully empty PeiWei (where we had our first dinner as married people - still dressed in our wedding finest). It was nice celebrating early because it is a lot easier to remain pleasant and "love-y" when no one is around. This may be our new Super Bowl tradition. I so love that I married a man who doesn't like football. It means that I don't have to pretend to like it, or put up with wild mood swings when the team he roots for loses. Bliss!

So tonight after dinner we came home and planted things.
I love how the dirt has made the house smell.

Ivy in the teapot on the coat rack shelf in the kitchen.

Ivy and some spiky thing in the living room.

An old mixing bowl full of tulips on the desk in the kitchen.
I love this bowl and holding flowers instead of flour seems right for it.

I think we will have a bloom tomorrow!