08 March, 2007

Hair Away!

We had Tallulah shaved today. She looks so weird. Before she was this fluffy (all be it matted) Muppet like creature and now she looks like a deer. All thin and long legs. I'm hoping we won't have to shave her down like this ever again. The last time we had her groomed did the fur in. It was too long, and instead of curling like does naturally they brushed it all out straight and HUGE, so no matter how much we brushed it she just got more mattes.
So now she is sleek and we will start brushing her the right way and keep her fur at a manageable length. No more super long fur! (or super short) Check out the pics:

BEFORE: Fluffy and oh so cute!

AFTER: Thin, frail and deer like.

What have you done to me?


Alexa said...


Tricia said...

I actually think she looks really cute! It's nice to be able to see her face for once!

Nicholas said...

Poor thing justice is going to laugh at her!!!!

Alexa said...

She looks like the product of your old dog Emmy getting it on with a retarded lab. That's exactly what she looks like. aaah.