18 March, 2007

Spring Cleaning Phase One (or maybe two)

Yesterday it was sleeting when we woke up and barely got above 30 all day. Today we were working in the yard enjoying the sunshine. I love Kansas City. The weather makes no since at all.
But this bought of nice weather has sent up on a spring cleaning rampage. We've cleaned out two closets and for the first time in months I can see the top of my desk. It's not super clean, but it is progress. We have also started a garage sale pile, it is amazing the amount of junk we have after only living here for two years. Admittedly much of the junk were things that moved with me from my parents house. I have trouble giving things up, which is why I have purses that I bought and jr. high and a jacket I bought with my first babysitting paycheck (when I was 12!!!). And now because this is my house and I can no longer stand the clutter I am getting rid of it! Really it is quite refreshing.
Michael did a fabulous job installing shelves into the guest room closet, which now holds all the junk I couldn't part with yet, but have no real use for. Maybe next spring.

I'll leave you with some pictures.
The daffodils in the front garden

Out regal puppy, looking much better now that she has a little more fur.
(Notice how well she is sitting? Thanks DW!)

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