24 March, 2007

When you find yourself in your sun-porch covered in blue paint and dancing your heart out you know it has been a good day.

A Very Good Day.

We painted our previously dark beige sun-porch a vibrant blue today. It looks good, but will take some getting used to. Once we pull up the beige carpet and replace it with slate tile it will look fantastic. We also planted the pots on the front porch and had lunch with Michael's family. All of these things are great and make a good day, but finding your The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert soundtrack takes the day to a whole new level!
I had forgotten how much I love those disco classics! You have to smile when Shake Your Groove Thing starts, and who doesn't love Momma Mia? So there I was singing and dancing, dripping blue paint and just having a best time. Even Michael seemed to have a good time.
It took me back to Jr. year when we did The Boys Next Door and painted sets and just had the most wonderful friends. Feather boas, and not giving a damn what anyone thinks, just having fun. Pure Joy.