01 April, 2007

The sun porch...continued

Last weekend we painted the sun porch blue. And while we thought it might take some getting used to we realize now that it is just way too blue. Blue like the inside of a swimming pool. Or more precisely the same shade of blue that they paint the insides of the fountains at William Jewell. Clearly too blue.
You can't really tell from this picture, but the blue is really very bright!

So we have decided to re-paint. But before we re-paint we decided to pull out the carpet and prep the floor so we can lay tile on Friday.

Upon pulling of the carpet we discovered that it was glued down. Carpet glued to pad which was glued to linoleum, which is some parts of the room was glued to a second layer of linoleum then glued to the floor. YIPPEE!! So I ran off to Lowes for new paint, a giant floor scrapper and a dangerous solvent that removes many layers of glue. Dangerous solvent. I do like such things so I decided to just scrape the heck out of the floor in hopes that the "ds" would not have to be used! And as luck would have it 4 hours later our 8x9 ft room is down to the smooth(ish) concrete and the dangerous solvent remains unopened and ready to be returned. VICTORY! I am, how ever, sore in the entirety of my body and may have to spend the rest of the day lying down watching Hugh Grant movies.

The new paint color is called "Greek Sea" and is much greener, much greyer and looks much better with rest of the house. I'm not sure if we will get around to painting tonight as Michael is in there right now pulling up the baseboards which appear to be installed with 4-inch nails that make up for being unnecessarily long by being rather flimsy and breaking off leaving part of the nail in the baseboard and part in the wall. Good times.

Also we discovered mold (which I plan to tackle using the tea tree cleaner found in my new favorite book "Better Basics for the Home" - Thank-you Aunt Gail!) and 50+ years of dust. So even with my Allegra D I'm still feeling a bit like crap. This post has become a bit whinnier than intended, so I'll stop now saying that this room will be super-awesome even if it kill us!