05 April, 2007

Biggest I've Ever Seen!

You know the whining that happened in the previous post? Well here's some more.
It has now been 5 days since the mold was discovered and I am still miserable. 1 antibiotic, 1 new allergy medicine and 1 new nasal spray and I still sound ridiculous on the phone. Some words still cannot be formed through the congestion.
At least the swelling in my tonsils has gone down, my new doctor actually exclaimed "Those are the biggest tonsils I have EVER seen!" And to be honest they weren't as huge at that time as they often are. So I'm looking into having them taken out. Sometime this fall I'm thinking. Hopefully that will help with the seemingly constant stream of swollen tonsils and general illness.
We'll see!

On another topic we have the tile in the house so we can get to work this weekend!

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