09 April, 2007

Cold Snap

If you live in the Mid-West, East Coast or even the South, then you too are experiencing this freakish cold weather. A few weeks ago it was 80 degrees (which I admit is too hot for March) but now it is dropping below freezing at night and not getting much warmer during the days. This cold is killing my beautiful flowers; even though we have wrapped them in blankets every night. It is also killing my drive to do anything aside from snuggling in bed (or on one of the three couches that now reside in my living room) with my crossword puzzle book.

I haven’t been a total slug though! 8 panels of white sheer curtains have been hemmed and hung in the sun porch.

Sideways view of the curtains and the torn-up floor with some of the tile laid out.

I need to make one more half size panel for the far wall, but that might just have to wait a while. Once the sewing machine was out and the dining room had been completely taken over as project central I decided to start sewing up a yellow dress using a pattern that I found on my desk.

Vouge #V7848 (dress C) and it made me realize why I hate patterns – the sizes! I made a size 4 sizes bigger than I would buy at the store – the biggest option for this pattern set and it really looks too small. Seriously people?! Pattern sizing is just cruel. Plus it has a zipper – I’m afraid of zippers. Not once have I successfully put one in. So the yellow dress was packed up and I started on the next project. A tote bag to use when shopping at the Farmers Market (the Brookside market Opens this weekend – April 14th baby!) made from some kind of vinyl that I’m not really excited about using due to the plastic texture of it, but it will be easy to hose out/wipe down and the design is really cute. This bag is so strange as I am not following any kind of pattern. Just giving it a try and if it works, it works and if not then that’s one less piece of fabric in my stash and that is okay.

On the knitting front it seems that the needles have gone into hiding. I really need to sit down and finish the pair of baby socks I’m 75% through…especially since the baby is due in 3 weeks! I should really also make a little baby jacket to go along with it. And I want to knit a shrug to wear with the yellow dress that I may or may not finish.

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