11 April, 2007


I don't like secrets. I hate them in fact. I like mystery novels, but I like to read the last three chapters not first, but about half way through when it starts to get suspenseful. I find it reassuring. Then I go back and finish reading from where I left on until the end.
The lead up to when Michael proposed was terrible! I was a horrible sneak and found the receipt for the ring but not the ring itself. And I found the receipt MONTHS before hand. It was terrible! Luckily or unluckily Michael knows me and my loathing of secrets and snooping tendencies so he hid the ring very well. Hopefully this will be the last time he keeps secrets from me!
Also do to my dislike of secrets I enjoy puzzles. I like to figure things out. Tonight when we watched The Prestige I was figuring things out, taking mental notes and trying to figure it out. So the end didn't really come as a surprise (parts of it did, but not the end) in fact I so knew what was going on that I left the room because there was no need for the clear showing of the answer. I assumed that Micheal knew it too. His "Ooohhh" proved otherwise. He watches movies with such a willing suspension of disbelief, just going along with the story...enjoying it...that he doesn't puzzle it out. He lets them keep their secrets. Something I can never do.

I kind of envy his lack of secret fear...
...he always waits till the end to read the last chapters of the book...

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