22 April, 2007

PHOTOS! (Enjoy Dad!)

Okay, Here we go.

First - this the the room BEFORE. Nothing special, nothing really wrong with it either. Except that it is so bland. Really, really bland and who puts carpeting in the room that leads out into the muddy backyard? Seriously people?!

This would be why someone carpeted this room. It was the easiest way to cover up the horrible tile that previously lived there.
This is the bright blue and about halfway through the scraping up the glued on carpet pad phase.

And the room now. I softer blue-green, grey tiles that are cool to the touch.
We will grout them this week, put up the baseboards and move in the furniture! Yippee.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It looks great. I will have to agree carpet was not the best for that room but I can see where it was the fastest answer. Thanks for the Pictures. DAD