30 April, 2007

time warp

It is 7:30 Monday evening. The sun is still bright and the house is a balmy 78 degrees. I spent most of the traveling home from my weekend with alexa and my head (and body) think it is Sunday morning. Very strange. With tomorrow being Tuesday it really feels like I've lost a whole day. Where did my Monday go?

The trip to Minneapolis was great. I always love hanging out with Alexa and this weekend was no different. Highlights include: Seeing the MN Rollergirls, eating salads and watching Step Up, buying ridiculously huge sunglasses at H&M, realizing that I should have just let John Hodgeman's description of the Mall of America (see episode: getting and spending) be enough and praising the heavens above that I never have to return to it's madness - mall madness!, getting an awesome (and much needed) hair cut, eating biscuits with lobster gravy at Hell's Kitchen, and best of all - just spending time with one of my nearest and dearest friends.

Whew, what a fun weekend!

Bonus: Michael planted golden forsythia in our side yard and it makes the house look fantastic! Yea for productive husbands!

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