05 May, 2007

It's Cinco d'Mayo!

Normally that calls for margaritas and spontaneous dance parties.
Today it calls for running errands, sanding trim, painting baseboards and general house fixing...and spontaneous dance parties!

I went tot the Royals game with my co-workers and Scott and Tricia last night. Michael stayed home so he could draw. Crazy. We had lots of fun. I wore my big pink sun-hat because you can never be too careful about UV rays, especially at a 7:10pm game on an already overcast day. Still I rocked the hat!

Katie, Tricia and I were all about the people watching and making fun of the a-hole who thought it was a really good idea to walk around without his shirt on - showing off his nipple rings! He kept trying to start the wave, but no one wanted to join in his shirtless antics. Twice he almost got in a fight. It was exciting.

It was also Fireworks Friday. They were cool, and at the end seemed a little too close. The three of us all leaned back simultaneously to escape the intense fireworkiness.

Here's to friends, fun and fireworks!
Oh, and the Royal's lost. Making me believe that my streak of never seeing the Royals win is stronger than Scott's - who has been to almost every home win they have had this season.

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