06 May, 2007

It's Raining Again

That kind of hard constant rain that comes down too fast for the ground to absorb.
Rain the puddles in the grass and seeps into our basement because the earth that surrounds our house is nearly entirely clay. Clay that I could throw a pot with if I was so inclined. This thought was confirmed as we (and by we I mean Michael - I watched and gave helpful tips) dug a large hole and planted a weeping willow tree yesterday. After the first 3 inches of nice black soil came up we hit clay - thick and grey in parts, reddish in others, but always heavy and dense and not great for water absorption.

That was some loud thunder - My heart is still racing a little.
Now the rain is coming down even harder. It's flooding out of our neighbors drain-pipe and right into our yard. Perfectly aimed at the already waterlogged foundation. There are big plans for digging French drains this summer.

The Willow tree has been planted in the soggiest part of the yard so hopefully it will do well. There was a Willow tree in the backyard of the first house I ever lived in and it had a tire swing. Not the kind you see in school yards but one like this. (Not the real swing, but the closest I could find with a quick image search) I have very fond memories of time spent in that swing. I think this is why Michael so readily agreed to Willow when something more like a Maple or Redbud would have suited the area better. But the Willow should look nice. It is very tall and straight and I can't wait for the branches to arch down, creating a magical little hide-a-way, perfect for dreaming.

I know that Michael and I will not live in this house forever. That once children arrive we will want a bigger place - one with more than one shower. But I still can't help thinking that this house, our first house together, will be the place where our children plant their first memories. And I want them to have a Willow tree...and a tire swing...and a yard filled with flowers they can pick and wear in their hair. So grow Willow tree grow! You've got til 2009 before we start trying for babies!

And it's still raining...and the water is coming in though the window. I've got to go clean that up.

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Kate said...

Ah, the clay. We, too, have the clay. I find it so ironic that our neighborhood is built on what was once a rich farm field. But, they scraped all that wonderful soil down to the clay, built the houses, then did "final grading" with about 4 inches of black soil. It's awesome, isn't it? Peet moss is our planting friend. :-)