18 April, 2007

Trying to Hop Back On That Work Out Bandwagon

Blah, blah, we joined a gym.
Three months later we quit said gym.
I really just hate the gym, I don't like working out with other people around. Especially the very gym-y gym we signed up with. I just makes me feel awkward. So we quit.

So last night out of a bit of boredom and a bit of feeling like a slug I dusted off the Denise Austin DVD that came free with some vitamins I purchased years ago and got to work. The video has 3, 10 min workouts. Once upon a time I was doing the first workout every morning. Clearly it has been awhile. So I decided to do both the Beginners and the Maintenance workouts, 20 min. later I was SOOO tired. And this morning I am SOOOO sore!

Here's to trying to get back into the workout groove. I doubt it will be any better than my previous attempts, but at least I'm trying.

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