12 May, 2007

dog park day

We took Tallulah to the dog park today. It was this first time I have been to the dog park this year. It was nice to be back - so much open space - so many dogs.
Tallulah found a ball right away and spent most of the time fixated on this ball. She didn't play with too many other dogs, which is a bit unusual for her. But I think that she just really wanted to get into the lake. While at the lake we were met by another black goldendoodle. Come to find out this new GD, Clark, came from the same breeder as Tallulah. We think they even had the same dad. They did look a lot alike, Clark was much taller and curler but their faces were similar. On the way back from the lake we ran into yet another goldendoodle - but this one was actually golden, large and bounding.

It as quite a goldendoodle day.

And my sweet little girl is now clean, smelling good and sleepy. As nice as the other dogs were I still think Tallulah is the best out there!

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