08 May, 2007

Products I love: In Two Parts

Last weekend when we were at Lowes (spending waaay too much money) I saw a Martha Stewart display that included the book "Great Food Fast". Just in passing I mention that I would like it and as Michael was in a really good mood he said to go ahead and get it. I'm so glad we did!
The recipes are easy, rarely with more than a handful of ingredients (and unlike normal Martha recipes I can find the ingredients at my local Hy-vee) and include whole meal ideas. In an even bigger bonus they are broken down by season so you utilize the seasonal ingredients.
So far I have made the Linguine with Sausage and Peppers and the Crispy Apricot Pork Chops. Both have been excellent.

The pork chop recipe required bread being chopped in a food processor. Which made me a little edgy because I didn't have a food processor...or so I thought! I pulled out my stick blender - the Braun MultiQuick Professional and remembered that it has a food processor attachment! And attachment that I have NEVER used. I've had this blender since I graduated from college. It worked great!

I highly recommend both the MultiQuick and the Great Food Fast book.

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