06 June, 2007

Just Where I Should Be

I had a long day at work. It was full of ups and downs and moments where I just put my head on my desk and sighed. There was even the moment where I stabbed myself in the chest with a click pen because it best expressed the way I was feeling.
But also it was a great day. I finished a draft of the presentation I will be giving at Chapter Training and felt really good about it. It is what I should be doing. I should be writing trainings and working on big picture projects. It is what I am better at (no claiming to be the best here) and it felt good.
Coming home to a husband who made linguine and sausage was even better.

Realizing that the person I am, is exactly who I want to be was the best.

This one moment, standing in the kitchen - doing the dishes after a long but fulfilling day at the office - with my husband and crazy dog made up for all the awkward high school years and the 'trying so hard to be someone I'm not' college years.
This is me, my life and it is exactly where I should be.