03 June, 2007

Worlds of Fun

Michael and I went to Worlds of Fun yesterday. It is the only real amusement park in Kansas City and we only went because Michael's company provided us with free tickets, free parking and $10.00 "beagle bucks" each. That is the only way we could ever afford to go. Plus there is the issue that Michael and I both do poorly on rides. The V factor.

We arrived at about 10:30, took some time to get our bearings and then proceeded to ride a total of 4 rides.
1) The Viking Voyager - Really it is just a log ride through an elevated water way with one big drop at the end. I hid behind Michael and managed to stay dry.
2) The Fjord Fjarlane - A spinning ride where your car is lifted extra high sometimes for extra fun. (There was actually a baby on this ride. A baby! She had a great time - I clung to Michael the whole time. Who's the REAL baby?!)
3) The Sea Dragon - Nothing more than a giant swing shaped like a viking boat. Still it had me curling up like a little girl and freaking out a little more than is appropriate for someone my age.
4) Fury of the Nile - I remember this ride being scary and very wet! We manged to stay dry and un-afraid. It was easy and a rather pleasant trip around a man made "river"

Worlds of Fun is broken into regions. Scandinavia is where we spent the most time - in honor of my heritage - that and the other regions have "real" roller-coasters and we don't do that sort of thing. There were a few more rides that we could have done, but really we were happy with our 4 rides, our $20.00 worth of BBQ and a day of terrific people watching.

Clearly we were prepared for fun.
also, I'm kind of freaked out that the lip can stretch like that. gross.

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